Our modern office provides a relaxed environment where every one of our team is valued and can have a direct influence on the lives of our clients and their work colleagues. We are passionate about achieving a healthy work-life balance, not only for ourselves but also for our clients.

As a result of our approach to clients we continue to expand our client base and are looking for dynamic, solution-driven individuals to join our team based in Chelmsford.

Anyone who wants to join our team must have good communication skills, be organised and be willing to adapt to the demands of our clients. 


Lucentum currently has a team of about twenty people which includes the four directors.

Lucentum is all about people and puts them at the heart of everything we do. That includes those who work at Lucentum and everyone we come into contact with. We are about developing long-term relationships.

We continue to challenge ourselves, our systems and services to ensure that we keep up to date and relevant to our clients and their businesses.


Lucentum provides employees with a caring environment which positively encourages a better work-life balance and yet provides the support, experience and guidance that enables everyone to develop their career and achieve their goals.

We have a simple company structure which allows us to adapt and change direction if needed. Our structure is flexible and encourages employees to develop a role that best suits their skills and ambitions.

Our directors are approachable, which allows for a more collaborative working style and enables team input to guide key decisions and be an important part of shaping the future.


Our recruitment process is focused on getting people with the right attitude and personality that will fit in with the culture we have and embrace how we deal with people and solutions.


Even if we are not actively recruiting we are always interested in any candidates who feel that Lucentum is a place they would like to be part of. So please contact us with your CV if you would like to join us: