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One of the biggest pressures on owners and managing directors of SMEs is the responsibility for getting everything done, even if that means taking the books home and doing them at night or over weekends.


Businesses work better when people focus on what they do best and have time to recharge their batteries.


Outsourcing your bookkeeping to us frees up time and resources in the most cost-effective way.


We can take care of invoicing and chasing any unpaid invoices, and provide you with monthly reports so you know how you are performing.


We can also complete your VAT returns and ensure that they are filed on time and are completed correctly.


More than that, we give you expert advice that can save you money.


You can have all the benefits of an accounts department, without the costs and responsibilities of employing dedicated staff.


For more information on how you can outsource all of your back office support services, please take a look at what Lucentum Virtual Solutions can offer you.


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Tel: 01245 216800


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"We're all about brighter business!
Call us today on 01245 216800"

Tel: 01245 216800


Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm