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Client A started his company in 1998. Since that time, we have worked with him as it grew into a multi-million pound business. Lucentum has been instrumental in finding Client A a buyer for his business, which will enable him to have a long and comfortable retirement. One major hurdle he faced in order to maximise the funds he wanted to realise from the sale, was how to extract some freehold properties from the company without incurring an additional tax bill of £800k and also an SDLT charge.


Our team provided him with the solution to reduce this tax burden by £720k and to also eliminate the SDLT he was facing.



“Other advisors had told me it could not be done without parting with a substantial amount of cash to the tax man.  However, the team at Lucentum found a solution that enabled me to have what I wanted.”

Client B had engaged several business advisors over a 5-year period in an attempt to help their business become more successful, and to enable them to solve their succession planning by a Management Buy Out / Management Buy in. However, none of these advisors could find a solution to help the Management Team achieve the funding they needed for acquiring the business.


Our team at Lucentum provided the solution and the steps needed to get there. This allowed external finance to be secured by the management team, who successfully purchased the shares from the controlling shareholder.



“The team at Lucentum fully understood the commercial risks faced in negotiating the sale of my shares. They were able to provide a simple, practical and commercial solution that enabled me to finally sell my shares to the management team. Without them, I may never have been able to realise my investment or achieve a successful outcome for all parties involved.”

Client C had ambitious goals for their business and for themselves. They wanted to expand, but they needed to retain as much of their annual profits as possible to enable reinvestment in the business. At the same time, they wanted to improve the lifestyle and funds available to them to enjoy the money they earned.


The Lucentum team assisted them in formulating their goals and committing them to paper. They then worked with the client over a period of time to achieve their goals, which included doubling their workforce, purchasing another business and substantially increasing their personal wealth at the same time. Having achieved those goals, the team continues to work with the business, ensuring sustained growth, setting new goals and focusing everyone’s efforts.



"Without the team at Lucentum being prepared to become actively involved with helping me to achieve my ambitions, I would never have been able to make them a reality.”

Client D employed their own internal financial controller/bookkeeper who worked at their premises for an agreed 20 hours per week. They thought that they were getting excellent value for money as this bookkeeper was often there for more than 40 hours a week, but only charged him for the 20 hours. However, one day their bookkeeper had an unfortunate car accident on their way to work and was unable to continue providing bookkeeping services.


Client D was desperate to find someone to fill her role and in the meantime Lucentum stepped in to provide a member of their team whilst they advertised for a replacement. At first, Client D felt that our time costs for such work was too expensive, but at the end of the two months he decided not to recruit someone himself, instead retaining our successful outsourcing services.



“I realised that I was mistaken in thinking that paying for only 20 hours of work when we were actually getting 40 was value for money. It wasn’t until Lucentum stepped in that I realised they could do the work in only 2 days per week, leaving me with 3 days a week for myself. This enabled me to concentrate on working on the business. I also realised that my previous bookkeeper had consumed a lot of my time in social chit-chat rather than getting on with what needed to be done, so I was finally able to get home at a reasonable time to see my family.”

Tel: 01245 216800


Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm