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Lucentum feels privileged that we live comfortable lives and believes we should reach out and support those less fortunate than ourselves, both in our own community and further afield.


Our Community

In our community, we have chosen to support Farleigh Hospice who provide end of life care, respite care and support to those who need it. Our support has included participating and fundraising through a number of events they have organised, such as walking in the Himalayas, sunrise walks and bike rides.



Around the World

We appreciate that there are people around the world in desperate need of things we take for granted, including access to clean water, education and medical care.


In 2011 we discovered B1G1, an organisation based in Singapore that gave us access to communities around the world where small sums of money could make a big difference to the lives of disadvantaged men, women and children. Through B1G1, we have been able to support projects run within the communities themselves.


Since 2011, we have made over 60,000 impact donations. We have also introduced our clients and contacts to these causes, who have since made £1.6m worth of impact donations.


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"We're all about brighter business!
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Tel: 01245 216800


Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm