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Any business who employs anyone, including its directors, will need to have a PAYE (pay-as-you-earn) scheme with HMRC and make RTi (Real Time Information) returns to HMRC each month. You will need to calculate how much tax and national insurance to deduct from your employees’ pay and to make sure that PAYE tax is sent to HMRC.


There are also a number of other burdens placed on employers in terms of collecting from their employees, including Student Loans, Family Tax Credits and Child Support Deductions. This can make the process far from simple and administering payroll is becoming increasingly challenging and costly to retain in-house.


We can administer your payroll for you, freeing up time and resources. Our service is completely confidential, and payslips can either be emailed or posted to you as required.


Our service is on a fixed-fee basis, paid monthly by direct debit, so you know what to expect. Contact us now for a no obligation quote.


Auto Enrolment

We offer a complete end-to-end Auto Enrolment Solution for your business.


Pension Auto Enrolment is more than just putting in place a Pension Plan for your employees. There are new Pension Auto Enrolment legal obligations, and to ensure these are introduced to your business in a smooth and positive manner, you need to plan early.


As a small or medium sized business, you should be asking yourself:


• What is our Staging Date?

• How will we manage the additional administration burden that we know the new requirements will bring?

• How do we know what to budget for and how much will it cost?

• We don’t have a pension scheme. How will we choose one and put it in place?

• How do we find out which employees we need to automatically enroll?

• What do we have to tell our employees and how often?

• How does this fit in with our payroll?


Let us take away the worry and the challenges you will face in meeting the new Pension Auto Enrolment requirements.


Our experience in Auto Enrolment has shown us that more than 90% of the work associated with the new obligations relates to business processes, employee data and administration.


Our Pension Auto Enrolment services have been designed specifically with small and medium sized businesses in mind to provide you with a cost-effective, fully compliant and worry-free solution, with all additional work done for you. Ask us about our Pension Auto Enrolment Solution now.



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