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Welcome to Lucentum Business Services

Running a business: it’s exciting, fulfilling and incredibly rewarding. It's also hard work, and can be lonely and stressful, with all that responsibility on your shoulders.

Whether you are an individual or a larger business, when you need somebody to lean on, we’re here to help shoulder the burden.

We’re your ideal business partners - seasoned business experts who provide support, advice, and straight-talking common sense, to help you and your business prosper. We’re problem solvers, financial trouble-shooters, business specialists.

We understand your problems as we also have a business to run - cash-flow challenges, HR issues, tax planning, business restructuring and more. You’ll find exactly the solutions you need, from us and our worldwide network of business specialists.

You’ll be kept on track and out of trouble, with all your business, financial and tax compliance taken care of, but more than that, we’ll use our expertise, drive and innovative approach to help your business thrive and grow.

Brighter Business

A fixed price plan, tailored to your requirements.

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Audit & Accounts

Supporting all aspects of business administration.

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Cloud accounting

Run your business from anywhere any time.

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A balanced approach

Helping you plan ahead to conduct your affairs in a tax efficient way.

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What do you get when you team up with Lucentum?

You get us on your side, playing for your team, growing your business in every way we can, from helping you make the right decisions to insisting on a healthy work / life balance.

We want success, not burnout.

You get the benefit of our experience, introductions to our national & global network of connections and a fresh pair of expert eyes to spot opportunities for growth on your behalf.

You get our suggestions for ways to push your business forward, save money, save time, make more money and make your life easier.

You get your very own business champions who deliver no-nonsense solutions with humour, clarity and common sense you can trust.

Because there’s so much more to life than numbers …

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What makes us different?

You know we’re not like other business advisers or accountants, and that’s how we like it. We’re a bit brighter, sharper, more innovative and proactive than the others.

We’re certainly less stuffy; dare we say it – a bit more fun?

It’s good to inject a bit of life and personality into proceedings. We take ourselves lightly and we speak frankly – our expertise may be technical but it’s always explained in plain English and applied with common sense.

We’re always improving and evolving, constantly challenging ourselves, and our clients, to keep our businesses up to date. We’re not afraid of change. We embrace new technologies and ways of working, and help you do the same, making them work for us – and you – both now and in the future.

What sets us apart is how seriously we take the role of being your business partners. We put as much effort into growing your business as we do our own.

We love to find new and better ways to solve your problems, remove your business headaches and make running your business as straightforward, simple and enjoyable as possible. For us it’s about quality of life as much as it is about profits.

We love being different. We love to surprise you with great ideas, to over-deliver, to make your life easier and better – and that’s what we mean by Brighter Business.